As well as the plants listed here as suitable for general container gardening, a number of rock garden, or alpine, plants are suitable for troughs.

  • Bellis perennis
  • Camellia japonica (all cultivars)
  • Clematis alpina (all cultivars)
  • Clematis alpina subsp. sibirica 'White Moth'
  • Clematis macropetala
  • Erysimum x allioni
  • Erysimum chein (all cultivars)
  • Frltillaria meleagris
  • Hyacinthus orientalis (all cultivars)
  • Muscan botryoides 'Allbum'
  • Myosotis sylvatica
  • Primula Gold-laced Group
  • Primula 'Guinevere'
  • Tulipa (all)
  • Viola Sorbet Series

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