Garden Waste and Compost

Garden Waste and Compost

Composting is one of the amazing ways you can make use of your garden waste. Not only does it clear up your backyard but it also improves the soil making your garden a better place for planting plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Studies have shown that almost 25% of our garden waste can be used as compost. However if you are looking for an alternative to clear up your backyard, you can find a garden clearance service that is being offered around your neighborhood which will collect your green garden waste. You can call and order for a green garden waste bin which will have a small yearly fee.

As for those of you who want to learn how to make compost then follow the simple steps given below.

1. Buy a compost waste bin

Most people don’t prefer compost heaps so if you consider yourself to be one of those people then you can purchase a decent compost bin. These bins are perfect for people who have small gardens and backyards as they don’t take up a lot of space.

2. Put the worms to good use

Worms are amazing creatures which not only love the dark environment of a compost bin but they also turn the waste into liquid compost. You can get such brilliant worms from different shops.

3. Put the right things in the bin

The perfect things that you can compost include freezer-burned vegetables, old spices, tea-bags, leaves, grass cuttings and fruit waste. It’s also good to include spoiled canned vegetables and fruits, tree bark, flower petals and cardboard boxes.

4. Balance the greens and the browns

The perfect compost is a mixture of the greens and the browns. You want to balance the greens and the browns so that your compost is good enough for your garden. If you feel like your compost consists of a lot of dry ingredients then you can add ‘greens’ whereas if you feel like it is really wet then you can bring balance to it by adding ‘browns’. Air is also an essential ingredient to make the compost healthy. To incorporate air you can put in cardboard pieces.

5. Provide good airing for your compost

Like discussed earlier it’s important for a healthy compost to have sufficient air. By turning the compost regularly, you will be able to provide it with the necessary air. Turning the compost regularly mixes up the waste which leads to quicker composting

6. Make the system quicker

There are ingredients that you can add to your compost bin to make the process faster. A compost activator will ensure that the garden waste from your backyard is turned into compost in less than half the time it usually takes.

7. Use leaves as a source of compost

We are all tired of cleaning up the leaves that fall from the trees in autumn. Well maybe you can put them to good use this year. Add the autumn leaves into your compost bin and they will be a great source of improving your soil because of their high content of moisture.